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Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

Research and history have consistently proven that charity and aid cannot solve poverty. Although there are many components contributing to chronic poverty,  we believe that the only way to bring about a solution is not by providing the poor with what we think they need, but by listening to their issues and working together to come up with sustainable solutions.  We understand that the people are not only capable of directing solutions for specific problems, but given the proper support and resources, will bring about long term change.

Wealth creation or “jobs” is a critical component to address poverty.  However, other areas of deficit must also be addressed, such as education, health, sanitation and safety, among other things.  If the youth are addressed in the propagation of these concepts, they will affect a new generation of like-minded supporters.

Consistent aid and charity simply function as a band-aid for matters of chronic poverty. It not only diminishes the dignity of its recipients, but also creates unrealistic expectations, dependency, and an unequivalent relationship among donor and recipient.

We aim to first, listen to the needs, collaborate on solutions, and empower the execution through the youth of our communities.

“Never do for others, what they have the capacity to do for themselves.  To do so will produce dependency and erode dignity. This guiding principle is one of the pillars upon which Empower Nicaragua has built its leading-edge educational initiative.  But its mission is far more than academic learning; they build leaders.  By training young people to use their unique abilities to serve their community, they are addressing many of the issues of chronic poverty.  In the process, these emerging leaders are raising the aspirations of their community and inspiring hope for a flourishing future. “

~Bob Lupton, Toxic Charity

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