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Empower Curriculum
Empower Curriculum

The Empower curriculum is taught exclusively by our teen mentors and overseen by our adult staff. The curriculum consists of a five session course taught over the course of one week. Topics include; Team Building/Sex in the Media, Self Esteem, Consequences of Sex, Goal Setting and God’s Plan for Our Lives/Marriage. All of the topics covered are grounded in biblical principles and scripture.

After students have graduated the course, they have the option of training to become mentors themselves. Our Teen Center Director, Silvia has been training teens for over six years. She coaches them in leadership skills, discipline, and dynamics of presentation skills so they can feel completely confident teaching the material.  These skills are relevant not only to Empower, but translate to confidence and aptitude in school and work.

All of our mentors are evaluated and paid based on their execution of content, preparation of materials, punctuality and effectiveness. Not only are they paid to teach these classes, they also begin the steps to qualify for scholarships to University and additional skills training.

Mentors who are not as comfortable teaching classes have the opportunity to work for Empower in other capacities to earn credits and get paid. These credits are applied to mentors who work in areas within the program that are non-teaching roles, such as assisting in other classes, assisting the Director with duties and gathering students within the community to participate in curriculum classes.  We want everyone to have the chance to flourish in the areas where they are comfortable and can use their individual talents. Ultimately, all of the roles within Empower develop leadership skills and provide the opportunity to flourish it.

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