June Newsletter

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June Newsletter


Nica News

June 2015

Looking at Our Results!

The numbers are in...

We have official data from Dr. Medina on teen pregnancies reported in the Ruben Dario for each month of the year since 2013 when we started. The numbers look good! There were 57 total reported pregnant teens in 2013 in this community, 37 in 2014, and the numbers are lower for the first half of  2015!!   We would like to see more classes taught, and more teens reached so we can continue to see these numbers trend downward.   

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Mother’s Day In Nicaragua

May 31 is Mother’s Day in Nicaragua.

Dr Medina had a great idea to buy cakes for the mentors to give to their mothers.  It allows the mentors to get together, and keep the parents involved in what Empower is doing.   

Also Dr. Medina had a gathering of some community leaders to celebrate Mother’s Day and to hear about the decreasing pregnancy rates that we are seeing in the Ruben Dario area where Empower is working.  Kids presented traditional dance, and Mother’s Day cakes. Our great friend and supporter, Dr. Octavia Perez  was present as well as representatives from other organizations.  We are so happy to share what Empower is doing in the community and to open up our doors so to speak to other missions and programs in the area.   

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On the ground...

The Nica team are still spreading their bounds far and wide.  They are planning to teach sessions in a community that is currently being supported by Independence Hill Baptist Church.  They hope to encourage several of the students there to become mentors themselves and hopefully begin classes out there too!  If we are to move to these further areas, we will either need to clone Silvia Matus, or she will need to hire an assistant.  We will need more monthly commitments for financial support.  If this speaks to your heart, please help us by donating finances and contact us if you want more information.   

Meanwhile here in the USA-

Thank you to the Board of Directors- having all of the board in attendance- even though it was via Skype.  There are some great minds and hearts in this board of directors.  We love getting together to hear what is going on with each of our areas of expertise.  


Thank you to the regular monthly donors that we can count on for consistent budgeting!  This is our greatest need at the moment!  Ongoing thanks to Chris Frances, Rhoda Thompson, Royce and Nancy Browder, our church donors, and many others!

prayer requests… That God will direct our paths,as so many doors begin to open

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April Newsletter

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April Newsletter


Nica News

April 2015


Centerpoint Fellowship- Prattville Alabama

Thank you to Neil Mercer and the missions committee members at Centerpoint Fellowship church in Prattville, AL.  Jill and I were able to present to them at their monthly meeting and share Empower, C-IT and the concepts of Toxic Charity.  They were very kind to allow us to share our passion.  We hope to work with Centerpoint in the future and develop a long term partnership.

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C-IT and Empower reaching out

Mario and Rydder were able to visit the USA again in March to communicate with Independence Hill Baptist Church, who they have been working with in a community close to Ruben Dario.  They were able to put us in touch with the missions committee there and we had a special presentation and Q&A time with the church.  There was a lot of interest and may be some upcoming opportunities to share Empower in this community!  Thank you to all those involved, and to our lovely hosts for the night.  

The following weekend, we traveled to Wetumpka, AL where we had a lovely lunch meeting prepared by Rev. Jonathan Yarboro of First Pres. in Wetumpka. We met  Rev. Elizabeth O’Neill of Immanuel Pres. Church in Montgomery, and Rev. Emmett Johnson of Gateway Ministries in Millbrook, and his wife Deborah. The four of us were able to share Empower, C-IT, and the concepts of Toxic Charity. Great discussions and collaborations took place! They were very interested and I am certain we will be working together in the future!  


On the ground...

The Nica Empower team never cease to amaze us.  They are moving into remote areas and into public and private schools.  The kids they teach are loving the program, and they are reaching 100+ students a month! Thank you Silvia and Dr. Medina, Perillas and the countless others that it takes to move these mentors around!  And thank you to the mentors who are doing the hard work to reach all these kids!

“Synergizing” with Dr. Robert Lupton

Jill and I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Lupton once again to pick his brain about fundraising opportunities and non toxic trips to Nicaragua hosted by C-IT and Empower.  We were all able to brainstorm and feel we may be on verge of some pretty interesting  opportunities.  In his words, “...paradigm shifting and best practices in missions”.  More to come….

Thank you to the regular monthly donors that we can count on for consistent budgeting!  This is our greatest need at the moment! A special thank you to Jim and Jeanne Sayre for their very generous donation.

prayer requests…

Our prayer requests this month are for sustainability.  We thank God for his continued faithfulness in funding the program.  We know that God is in control and our prayer is that our eyes are opened to opportunities and open doors that God puts in front of us.    

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Independence Hill Baptist Church

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Independence Hill Baptist Church

 Mario and Rydder have been working with Independence HIll Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. They introduced Empower to the missions board and set up an opportunity for us to present our information.  They provided a great lunch and asked some great questions.  C-It presented their information too and people were really excited to hear what was going on in Santa Matilda.  

The people in this church are amazing!  They hosted us for the night (thanks Robbie and Maria and family) and fed us an amazing meal (thanks Tracy and Maria)!

We hope to partner with you guys soon!

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Wetumpka First Pres

March 23, 2015 0 Comments

 This chuch and Jonathan Yarboro ROCKS!  Jill and I love coming home to Wetumpka First, and Jonathan made the trip even better by cooking and serving an amazing lunch and introducing us to Rev Emmit and Deborah Johnson and Rev Elizabeth Deibert.  Mario and Rydder from C-It got to speak about Toxic Charity and options for travel to Nicaragua in a way that will benefit the community.  

We will be partnering with these churches- and look forward to staing in touch with these awesome.  Thank you God, for putting them in our paths!

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February Newsletter

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February Newsletter


Nica News

trip for Jill and Robin to visit the Nica team

Jill and I made another trip to visit the team in Ruben Dario.  It always feels like coming home!  We were greeted with a beautiful party, and dancing and roses on the first night.  We got to have several meetings with Dr. Medina, Silvia, Perrilas, and with several of the mentors to address administrative issues and book keeping.  They are doing an immaculate job of keeping records to account for every dime or cordoba they spend!  

We were able to sit in on 2 simultaneous groups, and attend one that was quite a long way off the beaten path in a barrio called LaLeona.  That was a real treat, as we saw the numbers of kids attending grow from 5 to 24 in only two days!  


scholarship recipients

Margarita and Mario

We are very proud to announce the first Empower university scholarships awarded.  They are for the first semester of 2015 and go to Margarita and Mario!  We are so pleased that they have worked so hard to meet the very strict criteria.  They are officially enrolled in private university with plans to be involved in engineering.  Thank you to all our faithful donors for making it possible for Empower to support these kids!

moving on up...

more exciting news is that we are now expanding to a community outside Granada, Pontenal,  with the support of Jen and Scott Esposito, with Reap Granada.  They will be running the program there in conjunction with two or three other missions groups in their area.  They have met with a local doctor there to provide us with preliminary statistics on pregnancy and STDs in the community.  Thanks Scott and Jen and God Bless your team and their efforts!!




special thanks…

to all of the donors and our new donors Frank and Nettie Bench, and to 1st Presby Wetumpka for increasing their monthly comm

 Thank you to the regular monthly donors that we can count on for consistent budgeting!  

prayer requests…

Our prayer requests this month are for sustainability.  We thank God for his continued faithfulness in funding the program.  We know that God is in control and our prayer is that our eyes are opened to opportunities and open doors that God puts in front of us.    

moving forward…

We are very pleased to be able to speak to some new churches over the next few months.  We will be meeting with Independence Hill Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC in March.  We will also be presenting Empower to Centerpoint Church in Millbrook, AL in April.  

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