What is Empower?

A core group of teen mentors in various rural communities, are chosen by community leaders or selected after graduation from the program, and trained extensively to become leaders in the Empower Teen Mentor program. This curriculum was developed to enable teens to educate their peers. It was written in response to needs expressed by the local physician and community leaders. Issues of prominent concern in these communities include teen pregnancy, teen STD's, lack of desire to continue education, and to address chronic poverty cycle. All of this being addressed in the framework of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How it Works

The success of Empower will be defined by its reach. Multiplicity of leaders is key to spreading this information accurately and broadly. The course is designed to extensively train a core group of teens to be leaders within their own peer groups. These  teens are equipped to teach the Empower Teen Mentor program in a small group format to youth that are assembled through churches, youth groups, and/or public school promotion. 

Our teen mentors seek out teens in the community and organize small group sessions, usually one session daily for a week. These small groups are encouraged to maintain special relationships with one another for accountability and trust, as they face many issues in their own day to day lives.  After completion of the six sessions, students will participate in a graduation ceremony and will also have the option to join the Empower Teen Mentor team. If they are interested in this leadership role, they too, will receive extensive training and support from our amazing adult volunteers. And.....the cycle will continue!  Not only does this method speak to the multiplicity of leaders, but also to the empowering nature of the program.  By putting the information in the hands of local leaders and youth, they are able to direct , plan and take control of their futures.  The framework of Empower allows the members of the local communities to identify their own needs, and be integral in the solution.  The local community will be fundamental in creating sustainability.  This is the essence of Empower, both at the individual and the community level.  Education and wealth creation are the only proven methods of effectively decreasing poverty.

This method will take time and effort. We prefer to call it a "movement". Many successful organizations use this model. Train leaders to train leaders. We know with God's help, this movement can spread throughout Nicaragua, Central America, and beyond!